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Unwill's Past Life

Posted: 02/03/2017 | Rate:

Out February 10th, Past Life by Unwill might be your go-to aggression release this Valentine’s Day. With stylings similar to a more upbeat sounding Deftones, this rising new band could appeal to alternative rock, metal, and pop punk fans alike. The band was just formed less than two years ago but the members (who have interacted in other projects) successfully glued their talents together as Unwill in this debut album. 

Confident track “Bitter Truth” unleashes with powerful guitars then raunchy pleading vocals. “The Way” lets us see the result of a Chevelle influence on Unwill. The punky instrumentation in “Tomb” makes a melodic yet hammering track for strategically placed vocals. “Soul” and “Past Lives” really bring you with their intriguing vocals and captivating guitars.

After making two singles available over their formation year, Friday will finally be your first chance to grab a copy of an Unwill album.

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