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The Districts and Eric Slick at Saturn

Posted: 03/24/2017 | Rate:

It was an exciting night for those who were able to make it out to Saturn in Birmingham on March 20th. Whereas the wicked selection of both beer and video games usually catch my attention, it was The Districts, and opening act Eric Slick that brought me to the showroom floor.

Both Eri,c and The Districts come from Pennsylvania. Eric Slick, better known for his work with Dr. Dog, kicked the night off. Slick was swift to warm the crowd with his witty sense of humor and abstract approach to music. As Pat Cassidy, Connor Jacobus, Braden Lawrence and Rob Grote(all members of the Districts) took the stage following Slick's act, the crowd doubled in size.

Rob Grote, vocals and guitarist, started with some voice warm ups. Without hesitation, the guys dug straight into "4th and Roebling," a track from their albumhA Flourish and a Spoil, that was released in the earlier part of 2015. Throughout the set, the guys played other tracks from the album such as, "Chlorine," "Bold," "Peaches" and of course nearly everyone's favorite, "Young Blood." It seemed as though the entire crowd was singing to this track; I'm not even going to lie, so was I.

Although a use of simple melody and guitar riffs are present throughout these tracks, The Districts did not hold back during their performance. On top of the catchy tunes, in my opinion, their raw and energetic stage presence made them well worth the watch. They closed the show with the song "Ordinary Day," the bands latest release since their album A Flourish and a Spoil. Rob did however mention they will be releasing a new album sometime this year, not specific on the date. Not only am I looking forward to this new release, I'm also looking forward to their next visit to Birmingham, Alabama.

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