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The Black Angels- Death Song

Posted: 04/06/2017 | Rate:

I'll start by saying that this is my first time listening to The Black Angels, but their latest release, Death Song, which comes out April 21st, is their fifth studio album. I guess I'm a little late to the game, but for the most part they didn't disappoint.

      The first couple of tracks , "Currency" & "I'd Kill for Her", set the vibe. The scratching and cutting guitars and psychedelic vocals on both tracks are indicative of the sonic textures throughout the album. The vocals sound like they are coming from a cave which I think lends itself to the psych vibe, and the bass and drums are almost tribal at times and steady throughout the album. "Comanche Moon" 's riffage and swirling guitars along with the grooving bass line and echoing vocals of "Grab as Much (as you can)" drive the middle section of Death Song, while haunting tracks such as "Death March" & "Life Song" round off the album.

      I know I said "for the most part they didn't disappoint" previously so here is, IN MY OPINION, what was disappointing about the album. I feel like with the track order there tended to be these energy lulls throughout the album that made it hard for me to stay fully engaged. Most of that is probably due to the fact that the 3/4 songs I didn't like came in-between all the ones I did. I found myself (after listening to the whole album once all the way through) skipping past the tracks I wasn't really into. 

        Overall my first experience with The Black Angels was ok, and I'll probably look into some of their previous material. I'd recommend them to anyone who was into fuzz-laden guitars or psychedelia. As for an official score, I give Death Song three out of five winky faces.


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