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Real Estate at Saturn, April 5th 2017

Posted: 04/13/2017 | Rate:

Following the storms, the crowd rolling into Saturn Wednesday night was rather thick, and diverse at that. Collar-shirts and ties, complimented with rimmed glasses. All the way to tight jeans, and denim button ups, as far as the eye could see. Guys and girls of most ages squeezed in all areas from the stage all the way back to the soundbooth. They looked as if a lot of people just kind of said, "you know what Terry, I can't work over today. I have a show to attend."

The opening act for this particular night was Mary Lattimore, a harpist based out of Philly. If you haven't heard of her, that's okay, a few days ago we would have been in the same boat. I mean; when I think of the harp I immediately think of classical music and if I'm going to be completely honest, that’s exactly why I snagged a chair when I seized the opportunity. In retrospect, I never would I have used it. Miss Lattimore reconstructed the way I thought the harp should/would be played. Using various effects such as loop and echo(a lot of stuff that is kinda over my head, etc.), I found it necessary to be on my feet whilst taking in the stories she had to tell with nothing more than a stringed instrument. Mary Lattimore smoothed the path for Saturn's headliner.

Even though it was getting late, and people were rambling on about their work day (and the one to follow), it all went away when Real Estate took the stage. Martin Courtney(lead vocals, guitar) and Alex Bleeker(bass, vocals) seem to be quick witted and rather frivolous when it comes to amusing crowds. They did just that before opening up with "Serve the Song," a track from their latest studio album release: "In Mind". "In Mind" was released this past March and is the first full length album with the bands latest addition: Julian Lynch(guitarist). Much of Real Estate's setlist contained tracks from this exceptional album. "Whereas In Atlas" and "Days"(both recorded with past guitar player Matt Mondanile) have a surf rock/beachy vibe, "In Mind" seems to veer away from sound. Fortunately, they did play fan favorites such as "Easy" and "It's Real." Overall it was a great performance, the lighting was incredible(as usual), and Saturn always hosts some amazing indie rock bands. Not to mention, Birmingham loves Real Estate.


Photo by Ashley Hardin Cowgill

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