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Pop Evil Shakes WorkPlay Theater

Posted: 01/23/2017 | Rate:

This past Saturday night was a super rockin’ pre-sold-out show at WorkPlay. People were already lining up at the door around 5ish, packing into the foyer and bar area of the venue. Pop Evil’s merch was flying out of their Rubbermaid totes while fans were loosening up with their first drinks and a dirty-good acoustic performance from Leaderdog on WorkPlay’s new bar stage. 


Doors opened around 7 and attendees swarmed the theater floor and ran to claim balcony tables. Red Sun Rising cancelled due to sickness so the schedule was up in the air. After about an hour-twenty of anticipation, Badflower took the stage. And by took the stage, I mean they full on grabbed it by the horns and took control. Their music hit the soul with every new line and riff. Every member of the audience was jamming out, smiling, dancing, videoing, and filled with excitement. The band was swarmed after the show when making themselves available at the merch table. If you ever see Badflower coming to town, you HAVE to go check them out.


With the audience hyped up, we were getting antsy in the intermission. The excitement and love for Pop Evil coming from people of all ages was incredible. They hit the stage with “Trenches,” a fan favorite. Fog machines ignited the night and singer Leigh Kakaty stormed the stage waving his new Rock ’N Roll Now flag in protest. The whole band was solid energy. Drummer Haley Cramer, who was a recent addition to the band, is really the perfectly animated fit to their puzzle. I also learned that night that guitarist Dave Grahs is an Alabama boy, hailing from Tuscaloosa. 


Throughout Pop Evil’s set, hardly a single person stayed in their chair. The whole set was someone's favorite song. Everyone sang every word they knew and if you took a look at the balconies, horns were up and hair was swinging everywhere. Leigh, who is known for crowd walking and such, surprised us by parading off the stage, up and around the top balcony, then down and around the bottom one. Everyone went wild. Thanks Pop Evil for bringing Birmingham a hell of a show!

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