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Panic at the Disco at BJCC April 7th, 2017

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Lights go down. The show starts off. You have a Saint Motel back drop, featuring the cover of their latest album, "saintmotelevision". They get on, and the entire mindset is shifted from whatever you were expecting because NO ONE without prior exposure could have expected what these guys did. Catchy, almost like synth pop, but with piano, saxophone, and trumpet added in. You don't see it very often but it was pulled off flawlessly. Very good crowd engagement. Pulls off the "less is more" concept very well, meaning that the music carried its own weight without there having to be a lot of music played. 

Misterwives came up next. And if you need a comparison for this band as far as putting on a show and live performance, imagine mixing PVRIS or Tegan and Sara with Foster the People. You get a super catchy combination of synths and pianos, your semi-frequent dance floor anthem, and a ballad or two. Pulls off synth pop very well. Stunning percussive performance at the end. They'll have your foot tapping from start to finish of their set. 

And then came Panic. And there's not really a whole lot that words can attempt to do the justice for. I mean walking into this show. I was on one of the two boats as just about everyone, if not most of the people in that room.


A) you loved everything they've put out since day one or

B) you liked it all up until the most recent or two releases and had never seen them live but had heard they tend to put on an awesome show.

Well I was stuck at B. And I was completely and utterly blown away. The pyrotechnics, the image casting and utilization of projection screens and even a rising platform containing a full sized grand piano and Brendan Urie rising, spinning, and then falling (still spinning) while playing a beautiful rendition of This is Gospel. Another moment that gave me instant chills was when the band flawlessly (and I've heard many many covers of this song.) This one was different, and it was identical, but at the same time was original and authentic. Absolutely captivating show. Just wish that they had played a few more songs from the old discography. That being said, If Panic! ever comes back then I will returning. No question about it. Hats off to them and the openers. Stellar show. 


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