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Living in the moment with Gojira – Iron City 05/03/17

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Gojira, a French heavy metal band, made their first ever appearance in Alabama last night, and they did not disappoint. Iron City was an intimate venue for a band that will be supporting Metallica this summer, during their summer stadium tour. It was a light crowd at Iron City, but they were ready to bang their heads, and mosh along to Gojira’s metal riffs.

Drummer, Mario Duplantier, came out just after 9 to kick off the evening with the intro to Only Pain from their most recent album, Magma. The band sounded massive in Iron City, as they blasted through three songs before singer/guitarist Joe Duplantier addressed the crowd. He said that this was their first ever show in Alabama, and they weren’t really sure if people would show up. He thanked everyone for coming out, asked if everyone was ready to have a “good fucking time”, then kicked off the riff for Stranded. There was already a small mosh pit at stage right, but when they kicked Stranded off that pit grew, and almost everyone else on the floor was banging their heads and jumping around to the double drum bass. After playing two more songs, Flying Whales & The Cell, Joe addressed the crowd again. He told the crowd to, “Live right now, live in this moment. Forget about your problems. Put away your fucking phones for 5 minutes and be in the moment.”

At around the 40 minute mark of the set, lead guitarist Christian Andreu had some technical problems with his guitar, and had to step off the stage. As the stage hands were running around trying to fix the problem, the rest of the band just kept playing and didn’t miss a beat. Luckily this happened right before Mario performed his drum solo, and they were able to figure out the problem by the time the solo was finished. After the solo, the rest of the band came back out and they played The Shooting Star off of Magma. Gojira fed off of the energy from the crowd, and they were not disappointed with the frenzy of people that were going crazy over the next couple of songs.

The band closed out their hour and 30 minute set with the songs Oroborus & Vacuity, off of their 2008 album The Way of all Flesh. Gojira are an arena band overseas, and they kept their arena sized show for this US club tour. The band and the crowd were very appreciative of each other and this fantastic show that rolled through Birmingham.

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