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Jimmy Eat World at Iron City

Posted: 03/03/2017 | Rate:

Longtime pop-rock favorite Jimmy Eat World graced Iron City's stage this Wednesday night. Opening the show was the intensely energetic AJJ (Andrew Jackson Jihad), providing us with thirty minutes of fun songs. They would burst into panicky guitar and get straight to the point with laughable lyrics, for example, “I totally lost my shit over that video installation of Linda Ronstadt” and “I’m trying really hard to not hate you.“ Once it was time for Jimmy Eat World to take the stage, the crowd made up of almost only know-every-lyric-of-every-song fans pushed to the stage barricade in a rush of excitement. 


Formed in 1993, Jimmy Eat World still has the same energy and emotion involved when playing their songs for fans as I would imagined they would have when hits such as “The Sweetness,” and “The Middle” first came out. The connection between the band and their songs is still very present. Their set, as you can imagine if you are a fan, is very versatile, going from slow number “Hear You Me” to the punkish favorite “Pain.” Ever since the show I’ve been replaying both new and old songs that have stuck with me. Founder and singer Jim Adkins has such a gorgeous voice that just strikes you with its genuine rawness. The four members really glue together well onstage to recreate their solid, immaculate studio sound. And shout out to the guy on the keys, extra guitar, backup vocals, and whatever else you were doing! 

I’ve you’ve ever been a Jimmy Eat World fan, old or new, go see them the next time they’re around! It is the perfect music-discovery/nostalgic show for any age.

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