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In Droves by Black Map

Posted: 03/02/2017 | Rate:

Coming March 10th, rock trio Black Map of San Fran will uncover their new 15-track album “In Droves” for us. Chock full of mega-hooks, there’s not a song in this album that doesn’t reel you in. This almost-familiar yet unique group hints to Anberlin influence while holding their own. When you hear their huge sound you’ll completely forget that there’s only three members.

Amidst a thick rock atmosphere created by Black Map’s instruments, Ben Flanagan’s voice cuts the air with his smooth, cleansing voice and passionate lyrics. Single “Run Rabbit Run” immediately gets you pumped about this album. Then my favorite, “Foxglove,” really shows how talented this band is by flowing between thumping, sultry verses and beautifully serene choruses. Their electric energy is bursting with grumbly bass and powerful drums through tracks like “Octavia.” Guitarist Mark Engles really shapes their vibe with his incredible guitar sounds.

When I first heard this band the feeling I got reminded me of when I first heard Nothing More, it was refreshing. Coincidentally they will be touring with them this Spring, making a stop at Birmingham’s own Saturn on May 3rd. A perfect chance to listen to Black Map for yourself and grab a copy of this great new album!

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