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Glass Animals w/ Lo Moon 6/7

Posted: 06/12/2017 | Rate:

Last Wednesday, Iron City held a full house for Glass Animals’ first headlining show in Alabama while new indie-sensation Lo Moon made their debut. The two were a great pair for the night. The room was filled with pineapples in both clothing and disco ball form and hands were grasping the Glass Animals signature drink special, the Walla Walla. 

Lo Moon set the mysterious tone for the night with their transcending melodies and dark, ominous lighting. They performed their two dreamy releases plus a few unheard songs. Their music is hypnotic easy-listening. When you hear them perform “This Is It” you understand why they suddenly appeared in such with such strength.

Glass Animals graced us with a performance full of personality including some creative dance moves. The crowd was in love and the band was embracing it with huge smiles on their faces. Singer Dave Bayley was celebrating a birthday that night and was gifted a song, flowers, and other praises. As a fan, hearing their unique music live was an otherworldly thing to experience.

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