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Emma Ruth Rundle/Jaye Jayle "The Time Between Us"

Posted: 02/16/2017 | Rate:

Dropping February 24th, two Sargent House label mates join forces with a split EP. "The Time Between Us" features Emma Ruth Rundle and Jaye Jayle.

Emma Ruth Rundle kicks us off with "The Distance", which can be best described as folk music with a hauntingly, beautiful edge. ERR is the Indie hero Jewel could have and wished she had grown into. "To Fold in England (Hours)", continues the ambient feel, yet never descends into background noise.

Rich vocals and raw beauty draw you into her final track on the EP. "Hand of God", is an acoustic take on a previously well received track off her album, "Marked for Death".  A true showcase for her vocal styling, a voice alone in the darkness, it actually yields far more power than the original. Stripped down, it is a pure glance at what ERR is capable of; powerful, passionate music.

Jaye Jayle is the solo project of "Young Widows" singer, Evan Patterson of Louisville, KY. "About Time You Came to Me" is a genuine experiment in elements of style and construction. This opener focuses heavily on instrumentals and electronically created sound effects. A trippy departure from a bluegrass sound with hints of Zydeco and Electonica.

Patterson creates a unique world with his first track and it drips into the second track. "Unnecessarily" reigns in the electronic sound bites, layering just enough to connect the dots. "Hope Faith County" finishes out the EP, a complete and refreshing divergence from "About Time...". Deep resonating tones fill out the song, a voice outside his own time. Not often does one hear a song about a "space girl" that is led in by swelling violins.

Smart thinking on behalf of Sargent House for choosing to release these artists as a split EP. Tying Jaye Jayle to a wider known artist with a solid fan base will surely benefit Patterson in the end. Not to mention both artists share the stage for numerous dates on their upcoming tours. Two sides of the same coin lay before you but, when it lands, you make the call.


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