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dangerkids - blacklist_

Posted: 01/24/2017 | Rate:


If you haven’t already heard of dangerkids, you likely will after the release of their new album blacklist_. Set to release January 27th, this album offers chilling rap lines smoothly mixed in full-throttle rock guitars will shake up your current rock playlist. This heavy-hitting band is balanced with vocalist Andy Bane’s crisp voice and pristine production.

The first single of the album, “kill everything,” has been making its appearance on Sirius XM’s Octane latel and has a killer breakdown about 2:20 in. Every song on this album has one of those moments where you go “wow, that guitar!” There are also some electronic elements incorporated in a really cool way throughout, “summoner’s rift” for example with the intro static effects and vocal distortion. They can even do acoustic right with pop-punk confession, “invincible summer,” the tenth and final track of blacklist_.

Check out the single, then get ready to grab your copy of blacklist_ which will be available from several sources listed on the band’s site!

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