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Cloud Cult at Saturn 1/25/2017

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If you have to describe the overall vibe of seeing Cloud Cult in one word, the only one that comes to mind is: Powerful. The small, but respectable and attentive crowd, spent an intimate evening with the 7-piece band from Minnesota, at their first ever Alabama show.

The band kicked the night off with a whisper. The two part evening began with an intense acoustic set. With so many different instruments being introduced to the this soundscape, the songs from the band's latest album, The Seeker, really came to life on stage. I mean, when is the last time you saw a French horn used on a stage in a rock club?!?

Front man, Craig Minowa, has a way of making a performance intense, without the volume or movement you'd think would be required. The crown hung on to every note and word. The dynamics were so wide, and the audience listening so intently, that I caught myself overpowering the band in a few instances of communication with some members of the Bhamrocks crew. You know what i mean? That dreaded moment when you are talking into some ones ear at a show, and the music almost STOPS mid-sentence.

The band took a short intermission, and returned with an all electric set to close out the night. In my opinion, the electric set didn't really seem as different, sonically, as I would had expected as advertised. The music was a bit louder, and did include more effects. However, the song choices between the sets were spot on, each song fitting nicely in the evening's split show. The group provides a moody backdrop for the two live painters, and it added so much to the visual aspect of the show. I've seen some performances where a live painter stuck out like a sore thumb, and really confuses the vibe of the show. With Cloud Cult, this is not the case.

On a rainy Wednesday night at Saturn, Cloud Cult was a breath of fresh air to see. There was so much love in the room, flowing both from, and back to the stage. The crowd that gathered were in tune with the artists, and this allowed Cloud Cult to gather them all up, and take us all on an amazing journey. I highly recommend you see them when they come to town (And keep those conversations to a minimum).

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