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Carousel Kings-Charm CIty

Posted: 02/09/2017 | Rate:


1. Grey Goose – 9.5/10. Solid opening track, very hard hitting chorus. Very reminiscent of modern day pop-punk (State Champs, Neck Deep, etc). The modified vocals and prominent crunchy guitar in the next to last chorus builds into a perfect ending to a solid opener for the album.

2. Glory Daze – 8/10. Very choppy yet fluent drumming on this track stand out, making it seem very reminiscent in comparison to older punk rock (Sum 41, Taking Back Sunday). Constant chugging, the song doesn’t drop off until the end, fading nicely into silence.

3. Here, Now, Forever -8.5 /10. The prominent and melodic lead guitar in this track behind the fast-paced singing transforms and slows into a very powerful yet calming song. As the song progresses, the final chorus builds to full power to top and nail the head on this power ballad of desperation.

4. Bad Habit – 7/10. This song seems slightly rushed and slightly sloppy, but saves itself at the chorus, driving on through, but still a slightly forgettable track; however, the bridge shows us the first of the ‘screaming’ that the band introduces on the album.

5. Something Isn’t Right - 8/10. Starting as a slower, ballad type song, this one tells the story of a man who has gut instincts that things seem odd. The song transitions into this song of the same man who has lost someone, in one way or another, whether by death or breakup, and of his desperation to get her back with him.

6. Hate Me, Love Me - 7/10. This song is almost reminiscent of Relient K’s album, ‘MMHMM” with its fast paced drumming, alternating vocals, and choppy guitar riffs. Very impressive bass playing in the “breakdown” area, but other than that, nothing super prominent stands out from this track as a whole.

7. Charm City – 8.5/10. This song seemed almost like a funk jam, until the pre-chorus and chorus hit full fledged with a mixture of palm muting chugging chords and open off beat strums that leave this song sounding almost like an old catchy Fall Out Boy anthem from their early days, and transitioning from only clean guitar, to drums laying the patchwork for one of the most well-delivered chorus and guitar solo companions I’ve seen in music recently.

8. Dynamite – 9/10 Rise Against. You hear it? No, not a specific song; rather, the style that RA developed around the time they released “The Sufferer and the Witness”, then even “woah’s” that also seem to remind you of Rise Against (Savior, anyone?). Despite all of this, they pull off the style in almost flawless fashion, really pulling you in with the inspirational chorus about standing up for something, or even yourself.

9. Unconditionally - 6.5/10. Although it is a very solid pop-styled song, I really don’t see myself coming back to this one. I can always appreciate when a band makes an attempt to write something a little more outside their genre, but this one just didn’t end up making itself one of the better songs on the record.

10. Fractals – 8/10. This one sounds almost like something Three Days Grace would have written back in their old days. Very solid rock track, maybe fit for a more general audience or maybe an alternative rock radio single or a song to play live. Nothing outstanding, but nothing to complain about.

11. Punch Drunk – 9/10. Not a whole lot to say about this one, other than it would have fit in perfectly in the scene maybe 10-15 years ago. One of the standout tracks on the album for sure, for anyone who was a fan of this subgenre of music from this time, and this band nails the sound on the head, writing a solid straight-forward pop punk tune from start to finish, succeeding in crafting a catchy track, with flying colors.

12. Fool’s Gold – 8.5/10. – This song is a good one to listen to if you’re just getting into this band, or if you’re looking for a song that defines their style of music on this album, and this song is accompanied by a bridge that seems almost similar to Synyster Gates (Avenged Sevenfold) would craft.

13. You Never Will – 9/10. It’s a shame that this song got stuck at the end of the album, because I can see a lot of people that enjoyed old punk, such as bands of the likes of Allister, old Green Day, etc. This band also has a chunky bassline, followed by a chant, building into an explosive final chorus, ending this album in near perfect fashion, executed professionally and skillfully.


Lyrics: 8.5/10

Instrumentation: 9.5/10

Mixing: 9.5/10

Song Flow/Differentiation: 8/10

OVERALL – 8.5/10, 4/5 Stars.


FAVORITE TRACKS: Grey Goose, Charm City, Dynamite, Punch Drunk, Fools Gold, You Never Will

LEAST FAVORITE TRACKS: Bad Habit, Hate Me, Love Me, Unconditionally


Although this album features a collection of heavy rock songs that at some times could even be classified in the pop-punk or punk rock sub-genre, and even some that could be classified as pop, half of the songs on this album just deliver a monotonous modern rock/punk sound that while not sounding bad at all, can have a slightly forgetful feel on the album. However, on this album, the diversity that IS there, paired with the fact that the band has written an honest lyrical album paired with some of the most memorable and catchy heavy hitting guitar riffs to come out in years, makes for the fact that this 3rd studio album by Carousel Kings is NOT one to pass up. There are many gems on this record, and some that you’ll listen to and get stuck in your head for weeks and even months to come. This one for me, is gonna land a solid 4/5.

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