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Blackberry Smoke at Iron City 2/3/2017

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You might think of Blackberry Smoke as just a “Southern Rock” band.  But if you’ve taken the time to discover their music or seen a live show, you would know there’s much more to the guys from Atlanta, GA.  Yes, their music is Southern Rock, but it’s infused with blues, rock, folk, reggae and a little country.  The result is a  brand of music that appeals to a diverse audience.  It takes immensely talented musicians to pull such diverse music together and these guys are up to the task.

Led by Alabama native Charlie Starr, lead vocalist, guitarist and song writer.  The guys blew into Iron City on Saturday night, and were greeted by an enthusiastic SOLD OUT crowd.  Since forming in 2000, they have produced six albums and are currently touring in support of their latest “Like an Arrow”, released in October 2016.

The Steel Woods opened the show with an outstanding set.  Afterwards, Blackberry Smoke hit the stage to a thunderous applause and opened with a crowd favorite, “Fire in The Hole”.  “Good One Comin’ On” followed along with two songs off their new album, "Waiting for the Thunder" and "Let it Burn".  The guys then slowed things down and got funky with another new song, “Believe You Me”.  Just when the audience thought they might be able to catch their breath, the guys broke into a compilation that included a couple of Led Zeppelin covers, “Your Time is Gonna Come” and "Black Dog”, and sent the crowd into a frenzy.  The compilation was certainly one of the fan favorites of the night.  After playing a couple of request, the guys concluded with “Leave a Scar”.  Only to return for an encore and play an additional trio of songs.  Wrapping up the show to the delight of the crowd with “Ain’t Much Left of Me”.  


Fun fact - The origins of the name Blackberry Smoke.  While sharing rehearsal space with the Black Crowes, the bands spent time together, drinking and other late night shenanigans.  The singer from the Black Crowes, Chris Robinson, suggested the name, it stuck and the rest is history.


Blackberry Smoke consist of Charlie Starr (lead vocal, guitar), Richard Turner (bass, vocals), Brit Turner (drums), Paul Jackson (guitar, vocals), and Brandon Still (keyboard).       


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