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Badflower- Temper

Posted: 01/30/2017 | Rate:

Straight out of La-La Land comes a four piece rock band who was named Apple's "Artist of the Week" after their EP "Temper" dropped, November of 2016. Badflower has since cracked Billboard's top 40 of mainstream rock. They kick us off with "Animal", a song that hits all the notes of classic rock. A lyrically visual allegory of the selfishness of his muse to the animalistic instinct of self preservation. "Animal" is a tongue in cheek version of Jet's "Cold Heart Bitch" with all the energy and more substance.

Twelve seconds is all it took for "Drop Dead" to seep into my bones. The driving force of the intertwined guitars and bass will have you hooked long before the chorus comes along. I'm a sucker for a gruff look at vanity. After all, it's one of my favorite deadly sins. After revving you up, Badflower wants to bring you down with "Heroin". We all have our addictions and in many cases it's a person that not only takes away the pain but can dole it back out. Josh Katz's vocals draw you in using great control over his feather soft but indulgent, breathy tones. His intent is clear, he wants the audience to feel that slow burn before the build. The band shows restraint and never walks over the vocals.

"Let the Band Play" kicks off with a blues vibe only to blend and fade into the classic rock sound we heard at the beginning of the EP. The song alludes to using music to escape from the world and to perhaps even use it to protect yourself from it. Finishing out "Temper" is their anthem "White Noise". Their impassioned chorus brings out the nostalgic angst I associate with bands like The Used, Brand New and AFI. Despite any comparisons made, it is clear they intend to stand out on their own merit. Badflower produced five stylistically different songs but managed to create a cohesive album that is anything but white noise.

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