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American Grim- Freakshow

Posted: 02/21/2017 | Rate:

American Grim comes bursting onto the scene February 24th with the release of their debut album "Freakshow". A high energy 3 piece of unapologetic rock with mixed in elements of hip hop and punk influences. Several songs bring to mind the styling of the Beastie Boys and The Chimpz, such as the MC focus in "Only One" and bonus track "Bodies All Around".

"Freakshow" and "Idols" were pre-released on media outlets such as YouTube to give the populous a taste of what's to come. Many of their tracks present a continual theme, a grim social commentary on issues such as conformity, drug use, over prescribing and consumerism. In a less PC world, "Drugs Like Candy" is the catchy radio ready sing-along single for the album.

Whether you stick around for the bouncing flow, clean guitar solos (Fight Night/ Get Loud) or wicked album art; American Grim delivers a good time. "Get Loud and drown out all your problems." Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Freakshow.

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