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Explosions in the Sky to Perform at Iron City April 9th

Published on Wednesday, April 5, 2017 by Steven Martin

Have you ever wondered if it was possible to actually feel music inside of you? Have it affect your heart rate and pump through you? Or else have you ever wondered if a band producing songs with little no vocals can somehow make you feel all kinds of emotions and make you transport to an almost different place as you're listening to it? I wasn't quite sure I could so vividly experience something quite like it until I more frequently began listening to Explosions In The Sky. 

Slightly changing their sound over the years, this band has maintained consistent commercial success from its various works and being able to create a sound that is well done and different from others. They're one of the biggest names in Post-Rock music today and for very good reasons. Bands like them, El Ten Eleven, and Signal Hill remain at the top of the list for most notable bands in the genre. The blending of clean guitars, constant guitars, and the ability to add and remove builds and dissipations shows the flexibility and the complexity of this band and what there capable of. 

See the band live at Iron City on Sunday, April 9th. Tickets available HERE, doors at 7pm, ALL AGES show at 8pm with Thor & Freinds.

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