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Mayhem in Madison

Published on Monday, February 6, 2017 by Jessica Wallace

Next Saturday 200Proof Entertainment is giving Madison a heck of a show. Mayhem in Madison is a showcase for North Alabama’s best metal & hard rock bands to come out and give us their all. The all ages event at 11th Frame Live will welcome Thom Hazaert (Director of Operations and A&R for EMP Label Group) so our Bama boys can show him what they’ve got. House of Curses, Vaalbara, Noir, Dark Before Dawn, and FireWater Revival will all take the stage that night, each with something different to offer. 

House of Curses is a metal band out of Decatur and Arab influenced by Sevendust with a moody Deftones similitude. The five-piece offers awesomely haunting vocals, soaring guitars, and enormous drums that will knock you off your feet. They are to release a debut EP soon.

Vaalbara hails from Huntsville. The metal band has been developing significantly over the past 5 years with the release of debut album With This Destruction. They show us all sides of their huge and heavy sound spectrum throughout single “Scarlet” which they recently released a video for.

Birmingham’s Post-Hardcore band Noir, influenced by Issues and Sylar, offers super precisely-performed sound. The vocalist has incredible control over all the qualities in his voice. The band is currently working on their EP Paper Hearts & Plastic Crowns and has released banging single 99 Bottles.

Hanceville’s own Dark Before Dawn may not be considered metal but their rock is as heavy as any while keeping a more classic feel. Recently changing their sound from female fronted to new singer Justin York’s raw voice, they’re breaking new ground with their music while putting on killer shows in the meantime.

FireWater Revival might be just the balance this show needed with the Birmingham-based band’s unique southern blues metal style. Music with attitude, this band’s melodic, dirty southern rock is soulful. Its the perfect mix of everything rock.

Paying $8 for an advanced ticket to this show should be a no-brainer. Be a part of what could be a historical night for one of these bands while discovering your new favorite! 

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