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Band of the Week: House of Curses

Published on Monday, February 13, 2017 by Jessica Wallace

This week’s hand-picked featured band is House of Curses. A gloomy yet irresistible metal band from Decatur, HOC is quickly picking up interest from all over. Their Deftones and Sevendust influences are heavy but does not mean their sound isn’t uniquely their own. Incredibly interesting and variant vocals by Dan Stockfish shine in a bed of James Parker’s thundering drums and heavy guitars and bass. Josh Thompson, Josh Smith, and Brad Long intertwine their intricate performances to create an incredible overall guitar sound.

Four thrilling demos have been released on sites like ReverbNation and SoundCloud as a preview of their upcoming project. All four tracks could stand out as attention-grabbing singles, sure to get them moving further. My personal favorite, “Streetmeat,” offers Scale The Summit-like guitars and really shows off Stockfish’s vocal abilities. Rock out with them at an upcoming show or in your own living room by streaming their tracks, some available for purchase. February 18th they will join the stage with four other Alabama bands to showcase their talents for Thom Hazaert, Director of Operations and A&R for EMP Label Group.

The band is:

Daniel Stockfisch - Lead Vocals
Josh Thompson - Guitar/Vocals
Joshua J2 Smith - Guitar/Vocals
Brad Long - Bass
James Parker - Drums





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