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Band of the Week: The Murder of Jane Crow

Published on Monday, January 30, 2017 by Tre Brannum

Some artists can not, and should not, be defined. The Murder of Jane Crow is one of those groups of artists. Jane Crow assembled this "Dream Team" of the most elite, female musicians in town, to create a magical, other worldly, sound. The band mixes equal part old gypsy and cabaret, and new age folk and European, all with a pop sensibility. As stated, the music this group performs can't be placed in any category.

PERFORMANCE is the only word that can be used to covey the "Murder" experience. The band prides themselves on setting the vibe of the old world traveling gypsy stage shows. The band can be seen milling around the crowd before shows, in their signature plague masks, preparing in the crowd for their intense live performance. The four voices of Jane Crow, Jane Grace, September Reed, and Mollie McFarland each find their space, and create a sort of swirling effect, whimsically escorting the audience to another time and place. McFarland's viola accompaniment adds the final touch to this truly unique music.

With all that said, being in a group this special doesn't come without it's own set of drawbacks. Finding just the right venue, and artists with which to share that stage, often proves difficult. This is a show that begs to be enjoyed in an old world, listening room type setting. But, anywhere you may find yourself with a chance to see The Murder of Jane Crow, you better do so. Because this killer group of musicians, slay audiences anywhere they perform.

The Murder of Jane Crow is:

Jane Crow - lead vocals & piano

Jane Grace - backing vocals, guitar, banjo, percussion

Mollie McFarland - electric viola, backing vocals

September Reed - backing vocals, keyboards, percussion





You can catch them live at their next show at The Syndicate Lounge on February 16th with Ember and Throngs of Shaggoths. $5 and the show is 18+.

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