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Band of the Week: Dark Before Dawn

Published on Monday, January 23, 2017 by Don Naman

Dark Before Dawn is a hard rock band from North Alabama.  They’ve performed throughout the Southeast and participated in several festivals to include; Bayfest, WhistleStop Festival, and Motorhead’s MotorBoat Cruise.  Recently, the band has been going through some major changes.  Most significantly, the addition of a new lead vocalist, Justin York.  In the short period of time since Justin joined the band, things have moved at a rapid pace; writing new music, an upcoming EP release, and their appearance at the Shallow Side “ONE” CD Release Party in Cullman, AL.  If that wasn’t enough, Justin and his wife Katherine, just added a beautiful baby girl to the family.  BhamRocks caught up with Justin to discuss the recent changes and find out what the future holds for the band.


BhamRocks -  Wow, that’s a lot of change in a short period of time.  Have you had time to reflect and enjoy your new roles, as both the lead vocalist for DbD and a first time dad?

Justin York - With each new thing in your life, you find yourself facing obstacles, that can either be turned into a good or bad thing.  It has been rewarding working with DbD and 2017 will be an unforgettable year.  Being a dad is…..well……you ever had your heart broken and cried?  That’s nothing compared to holding your little girl for the first time.  Salty joy filled tears.  #powerfamily

BR - A new lead vocalist is a major change for any band.  How has DbD music and lyrics evolved since you joined the band?

JY - Despite the cliche’, everyone, even our ladies, aka “BANDAIDS”, have input on every song we write.  The music holds more drive and character behind each riff.  The guys really let me run with the lyrics.  I’m very expressive and sometimes lose myself in the feel.  Our music and lyrics are grabbing bigger demographics and bringing more people together.

BR - The new music has been enthusiastically accepted among DbD fans.  How soon can we expect the release of an EP?

JY - Our EP, called “Chapter 2”, will be released Spring of 2017.

BR - Without a doubt, one of the most exciting moments since joining DbD, must have been the bands recent appearance at the Shallow Side event.  The show was only your second appearance with DbD, and you found yourself playing to a sold out crowd of almost 1,000 fans.  What was that experience like for both DbD and you personally?

JY - Cullman is DbD home town.  The guys were a little nervous and it wasn’t because there were almost 1,000 fans, because they have played before large crowds in the past.  Those guys built the DbD brand, so I had some big shoes to fill.  I was beyond grateful for the turnout.  As soon as I stepped foot on the stage, seeing that kind of support and love, I knew it was going to be a special night.  And not just for DbD but for everyone who purchased a ticket.

BR - Before we let you go, can you tell us when you may be announcing your upcoming shows and/or festival dates for this Summer?

JY - You can catch DbD:

February 18th at 11th Frame in Madison, AL (all ages) 7pm

March 18th      at Green Bar in Tuscaloosa, AL 8pm

ROCKLAHOMA - Details soon


We are honored to be chosen by BhamRocks and special thanks to Don Naman for being so supportive of the DbD family.

Dark Before Dawn is:

Justin York - Vocals

Michael McAvoy - Guitar/Vocals

Shawn Burgess - Bass

Jake Gable - Drums




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