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Artist: The Murder of Jane Crow


Though newcomers to the Birmingham music scene, The Murder of Jane Crow are ruffling feathers throughout the community with their distinct and unique sonic amalgamation of goth, cabaret, classical music and gypsy storytelling, at once theatrical and deeply personal. Fans have lauded the group for their delightfully expressive, gutsy, unashamed, and powerful presence. Electric violist Mollie McFarland and backing vocalists September Reed and Amanda Perry support pianist and composer Jane Crow as they soar together into the euphoric emotional highs of true love and happiness, only to swoop back down again into the depths of depression and despair. The Murder of Jane Crow will be releasing their debut EP in early spring of 2016.

Jane Crow's past collaborations:
Panzer AG (live member; vocals on 'Your World Is Burning' and "Gateway" from the Accession Records Vol. 3 compilation)
Aesthetic Perfection (arranger/pianist for 'Imperfect' Acoustic Show/Album; piano on "All Beauty Destroyed")
Uberbyte (vocals on "Summer" from the album 'Five Year Plan')
The Synthetic Dream Foundation (vocals on "Forever More" from the album 'Where Drowned Suns Still Glimmer')
Glis (vocals on "Stars in the Sea," "Blue Sky Night," & "Take It This Far" from the album 'Phoenix')
Aperture Burn (backing vocals on "New Sight" from the album 'Ouroboros')
Libertine (vocals on "Wasted Youth")

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