Bham Rocks
Bham Rocks

Artist: Mandi Rae


Mandi Rae has been singing most of her life and began her love affair with music at an early age.  Influenced by her mother's love for Gospel and her father's love for a range of music from Roger Miller to Pink Floyd, she began playing guitar and writing songs at the age of 18.  Along the way she has amassed a library of over 40 original songs, 3 full length albums and one E.P., picked up the banjo, harmonica, and a live show that keeps the audience engaged and excited.   

Some of Mandi Rae's influences include:  Old country greats (Hank Williams; Merle Haggard; Tom T. Hall; Roger Miller;), Prohibition Era music, X the band (John Doe as a songwriter), Scott Miller, Neil Young, The Avett Brothers, and Bill Withers.

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