Bham Rocks
Bham Rocks

Artist: Jesse Payne


Written beneath the chill of winter....

Buffalo. Harmony and balance. Purification observing the healing of vision. The grass of relations drains fast into the inheritance of borrowing. Let the Black Hills be approached with one mind, one heart, and as one people. A starting point. Stemming from mistakes and little victories. Carbon spinning with footprint control. Movement for progress. Rebuild and thrive from the lessons woven delicately in our past. There is always a line. Instruct the merriment of symbolism to misplace the baggage of claims. For we are all connected to the Buffalo. The Buffalo EP takes shape over the course of an extensive touring schedule and personal events unforeseen. We press on... Negatives become our twist. Situations in shift. Stacks of concrete bookend the prairies as time marches. But where? On is abstract.

Buffalo, release date October 04, 2011, is an audio-painting of expansion and reservation. Patents and assemby lines. Light bulbs versus alternating currents. Phonographs threading impact factors busy documenting waves genetically modified to roam.

Jesse Payne’s team of sonic painters include Thomas Warren, Mike Creager, Noel Johnson, Mason Boyd, Dave Crenshaw, Stephen McCollough, and The Chad Fisher Group.

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