Bham Rocks
Bham Rocks

Artist: Gabriel Tajeu


"I think that most of the content of my album is about searching. Searching for love, for my place in this world, for reasons why love goes bad, for my purpose – what it is and what it is not, for my path.”

In addition to the searching he does lyrically, Gabriel Tajeu is also searching for a new sound. He was raised listening to all types of music from Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye, to Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra. During his teenage years he started to listen to R&B legends from Luther Vandross to Brian McKnight. It is R&B that has had the largest influence on his vocal styling. The way he sings, phrases his vocals, and adds harmonies to his music are all influenced heavily by the genre. However, “It is the music that I found late in my college years and recently that has had the most profound impact on my current songwriting, chord progressions, and song structure. Musicians like Ben Harper, Ryan Adams, John Mayer, Van Hunt, Joni Mitchell, D’Angelo, Brett Dennen, and Elvis Costello have begun to creep into my consciousness. The way they write music is different in some ways than the artists I grew up listening to…Their lyrical sensibility, rock and roll affect, and sometimes unpredictable song structure is something that I am trying to incorporate into my music and aspire to as a songwriter.”

Growing up playing piano, clarinet, and saxophone, Gabriel Tajeu eventually settled on the guitar as his main instrument and uses it to write most of his songs. Gabriel Tajeu is not just a writer and singer. He is also a performer, and he has developed a sense of comfort on stage as a lead singer and rhythm guitar player for a local working band, “Bonus Round,” based in Birmingham, Al. The constant late night gigs have honed his skills, and Gabriel Tajeu is now ready to share his original music with the world.

He describes his new music as “R&B, Folk, Rock,” and after a few years of writing, arranging and recording his solo project entitled “Finding My Way,” feels like everything has come together for him. “It’s time. I’ve learned a lot over the past few years about music and myself, and I feel like I’m ready not only as an artist and performer but as a person to share my music with a national audience. I can’t wait to get on the road and start touring!”



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