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Artist: EveryDay But Friday


EveryDay but Friday consists of  Hannah Rettig (lead vocals), Rob Avram
(guitar, vocals), Joey Raynaud (lead  guitar), Joe Ellis (drums), and Jacob
Robertson (bass).  Hannah and Rob are  the lyric writers.  Rob is actually the
original creator of their current  single, Everything In Between.  They have
 already recorded their  first single "Everything In Between" with producer
Alex Rexroat  -  Universal Recording Company, and has been  gaining
positive momentum. The band just signed a development deal with FEC  Processing,
and will release a full album under the contract. They expect to  have the
album out this winter or early spring. Their single "Everything In  Between" is
slated to be the lead single on the album and is expected to release  to
itunes in the next month or so.
Rob Avram was invited to join the band in early 2012, as they all attended 
Church together and the others were already the Worship band for  Church. 
Rob soon present the idea to lead guitarist, Joey  Raynaud, that they form
their own band outside of Church.  The other  band members were on board with
the idea 100% so the band was formed.   Shortly thereafter, Rob was
contacted by a manager from Capital USA Management  because they were interested in
recording his own personal music.  Rob  explained to Capital that he was
now with a very talented band and he wanted the  recording opportunity to be
for the entire band and not just himself.   This is how the band came to
record their first single and be signed with  FEC.  As you can see, a lot has
happened for this and in a very short  period of time.

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