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Bham Rocks

Artist: Ensul


Hailing from the southern state of Alabama, Ensul is a three piece rock group that brings new and diverse techniques to rock and roll. Blending the roar of Nirvana with the captive melodies of Radiohead. Their music is as unique as the name.

Stephen Jones was able to find success with his previous effort Wolfcreek. Through loud, dirty, and heavy southern rock Wolfcreek began to take storm of the southeast before they disbanded in 2012. As for the other two members of Ensul, Zach Pendergrass and Tristan Bunn, they shared their music through Finally United. They would go on to disband in 2012 as well. Caught at a crossroad and wanting to continue in music Tristan Bunn reached out to Stephen Jones to start a new rock group with him and Zach Pendergrass. Ensul first met in August of 2012 and were able to hit it off immediately and start making music. The band grew tighter while secretly writing new material and preparing for their debut. One thing that makes Ensul unique is the idea that Stephen Jones and Zach Pendergrass both play guitar and drums and split the work of each instrument in the band. Ensul is ready to show you what they have to offer and will not disappoint.

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