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Artist: Drizzy DRO


I do it for the love of hip-hop."

Derek "Drizzy D.R.O" Davis is the epitome of what a true hip-hop artist should be. In a day and age where new rappers on the scene, put more emphasis on possessions and percieved riches, Drizzy is going a different direction. "I'm a child of the 80's, so I grew up on this".

The son of an Air Force Chef, D.R.O's origin is hard to pinpoint. "I'm from the world, but I represent the 205." Having a genuine love for hip-hop at a very young, Drizzy first stepped on the underground scene in 2002. " I started flowin' in college my freshman year.

I didn't take it serious. Then, over time, it evolved into my life." In this day and age hip-hop has evolved away from the true elements that made it a worldwide phenomenon. Drizzy D.R.O is very determined at changing that."Growing up, I was influenced by MC's from every coast, every region. I soaked up all the things my favorite artist taught me through their work. Nas, Eminem, Scarface, Outkast etc..the list goes on and on. Before I was an artist, I was a die hard fan.

Now the game ain't the same. Alot of rappers are only tryin' to do what the next man is doin' to get their foot in the door." His video for the track "Rap Government" was handpicked by 50 Cent, Common, and Polow the Don as a finalist in Youtube's "On The Rise" contest. 

Drizzy has also developed a revolutionary concept for marketing himself as an artist by creating the Press/Play Hotline. Started in 2006, using only a cell phone and word-of-mouth viral promotion, the Press/Play Hotline has reached upwards of 25,000+ fans. Drizzy allows fans to call his personal cell phone and request a random freestyle on any subject." In 2008 D.R.O was invited to be a guest on "Real Arts Birmingham" on Bright House cable in Birmingham AL, and in November 2010 was interviewed on 90.3FM(TAPESTRY) segment displaying his very unique talent. In 2011 also did a segment on the Press Play Movement.

Honestly it started as a joke, and has made it's way around the US by word-of-mouth.It's an innovative way to reach the masses and another element in the evolution of hip-hop."

At the end of the day,"Da Drizzle's" intentions are clear,"I'm an artist. I'm not trying to play to the game, I'm trying to change it!"

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