Bham Rocks
Bham Rocks

Artist: Cheef


Cheef was born in Birmingham, Alabama, grew up in Wenonah projects.Through Cheef's childhood he was known for his skills on the football field. Cheef's older brother formerly known as "Guilty" had a love for music and always kept Cheef up to date on the music scene. When guilty started high school, he began his music career while Cheef focused on sports. A year went by and both brothers established there selves in separate lanes. Guilty in music and Cheef in football. Although Cheef didn't focus on music, he still had a love for it. At the age of 14 both of the brothers built there own home studio using:A Boom Box, Speakers, Key Board, Drum Machine, Turn Tables, and a Tape recorder. 

After recording three songs Cheef gained his respect for coming up with the concept for a area hit titled When Im in It. One year went by it was Cheef's senior year in high school, the producer burned the songs that the they had been working on onto a CD for each artist.  Cheef duplicated about 25 CDs to sell at school, after students started to play the music in the parking lot, he sold out of CDs within 1 hour for $5 each. "We where on to something" Cheef. After school that day, Cheef bought a 50 Pack of CDs, Sold out before 2nd period. Cheef's business mind kicked in. He had a meeting in the football locker room with 3 of his team mates, He had each of them burn 50 CDs that night, they met back up in the locker room the next morning and filled Cheef's football bag up with CDs. "150 CDs from my Distributors (team mates) and 50 that I burned the night. 200 CDs Sold Out before Lunch period." Cheef At the end of the day Cheef met back up with the team mates, gave them 15% of sales plus CD cost, and increased the amount of CDs to have burned by the next morning. By the end of the school year, Cheef Sold Over 2,300 CDs. This was all at the age of 17 years old. Long Story Short Cheef started to take music serious. Cheef freshman album Scrapin Clouds, 2006. Currently over 30,000 digital units. Recently Cheef founded G.Class Productions LLC.

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