Bham Rocks
Bham Rocks

Artist: Belle Adair


Belle Adair began as a weekend recording project between four friends living in different Alabama cities. After a year of recording in random bursts, Matt Green joined keyboardist/engineer Ben Tanner in Muscle Shoals, and the band recently added Daniel Stoddard (pedal steel), Chris James (bass), and Patrick McDonald (drums). In January 2011 Belle Adair self-released an eponymous, six song EP, and

they are soon to release their first seven-inch single through Speak/Sing Records. On the EP, you’ll find slow-building songs composed of a diverse set of instruments and sounds. Over twenty minutes, the band moves from the airy acoustic folk of “No Reply” to the swirling, suite-like “Happy to Pretend,” creating a listen that rewards patience and a nice pair of headphones.

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