Bham Rocks
Bham Rocks

Artist: Banana Blonde


Banana Blonde is a three piece rock band that was formed in 2013 by Zach Sheffield, Chris Sims, and Philip Hall. It's difficult to say what city the band claims as home since the members live in three different cities and two different states. It's a project that grew out of the frustration with the lack of original music on a local level.

In 2002, the three members were part of an original band called Prophecy. After disbanding in 2004, Zach and Philip went on to form the band Charger which released two LPs (Charger, Hot Tokyo).

Fed up with music that was being labeled as rock, the main idea was to create a band that would put out original music featuring distorted guitars, heavy drums, and wailing vocals. Chris and Zach recorded the first batch of songs on the self-titled EP, then went back to the studio to add three more songs for the release of The Great Pendulum Swing.


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