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Reinvented: "Apache"

Posted: 02/04/2016 By: Jessica Wallace


And I present you with the ancestral line of the "Apache"-inspired song family starting from most recent and ending with the original. Click on the song titles to listen!

(1999) Sugar Hill Gang gave us a combo of all previous versions along with some Indian flare. “Apache: Jump On It”. It was recorded for a children’s album titled Jump On It! (respect to SHG for at least keeping the name Apache married to that riff.) 

(1996) Then of course there was the Sir Mix-A-Lot hip hop version simply titled “Jump On It”

(1965) A live cover of the instrumental “Apache” was released by The Ventures, whom I originally thought wrote the song.. Sorry Jerry Lordan.

(1960) And the one that started it all,“Apache” by The Shadows


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