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Music & Beer: Terrapin Wake-n-Bake

Posted: 01/29/2013 By: Nick Bailey

Terrapin Wake-n-Bake

  Beer and music, I’m a lover of both, yet an expert of none. I have a feeling that most of you are the same way. With so many craft beers being produced now, there’s a different one for any occasion, and I want to try all of them! There are plenty of food and beer pairings, but how about music and beer? I know, you can enjoy a beer with just about any tune, but just go with me for a second.

  Let’s take the “Wake-n-Bake” coffee oatmeal imperial stout from Terrapin. This is a dark almost black beer, as is the case with imperial stouts. It has a huge coffee, chocolate taste that lingers on all sides of your mouth. Of course, being an imperial stout this beer is high gravity, yet to me, it’s pretty smooth. This one weighs in at 8.1% a.b.v. (alcohol by volume). Now I must tell you, stouts are by far my favorite style beer, so you’ll see me write about them a lot. W-n-B is definitely one of them, and on a scale 1 to 10, I’d give this one a 9.

  Maybe it’s because they’re on right now, maybe not, but drinking this beer makes me want to listen to Black Label Society. This is a loud beer, so why not listen to a loud band? With a name like Wake-n-Bake, the most logical song by them has got to be Stoned and Drunk. Now remember, this is a beer review, so the whole stoned part will be left up to you. And again, you can easily listen to anything you want, and still enjoy this brew.


So there you go, a beer and music pairing. It is really just an excuse for me to drink, but hey, until next time. Don’t forget to cut your lights down low, turn your music up loud, and open up a new beer!

"Stoned and Drunk" Appears on Black Label Sociey's 2003 album The Blessed Hellride. Click the album art to purchase from Itunes.

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