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Music & Beer: Terrapin Rye Pale Ale

Posted: 06/11/2013 By: Nick Bailey

Terrapin Rye Pale Ale

It’s 90 degrees in the shade, and the grass is growing. The heat from the golden sun makes mowing the tall weeds, also known as my yard, that much harder. Fortunately, my lawn mower has a cup holder, and it gets used often. Nothing makes the task easy, but a cold beer in my hand and Old Crow Medicine Show on the MP3 player, make it a lot better. You can’t drink just any beer though, it has to be refreshing. I love a Stout, but when I’m sweating my ass off, that’s not the brew for me. I want something light, and not too high in alcohol. I want something that tastes good too, that means those American Adjunct Lagers aren’t going to cut it. If I was going to drink that, I might as well just drink water. Terrapin makes a pretty awesome summer brew, and it’s a great companion on the lawn mower. Now before I go any further, do not cut the grass when you’re tipsy. Remember, buzzed mowing IS drunk mowing. Anyway, Terrapin’s Rye Pale Ale is my beverage of choice in this scenario.

To really enjoy this beer, I had to get off the mower and come inside. Once I washed up and got my pint glass out of the cabinet, it was time to pour. Maybe it was the heat, but the golden amber liquid flowed magically out of the bottle. After it filled the glass, the white head lingered only for a little. Lemon grass, flowers and just a bit of hops were noticeable aromas. Scent and appearance were definitely summer approved, and flavor was no different. Mild and easy on the palate, this beer is far from boring. The balance of complexity and lightness are captured in this brew. Just a little bit of hops accompany the spiciness of the rye malts. Refreshing bubbles dance all over the mouth. This beer doesn’t reside on the tongue for too long, which helps make it the epitome of refreshing. This thirst quencher easily gets a 9 out of 10 in my book. I can’t think of anything else that fits summer as well as this beer. Vegans can also take part in the joy that is this American Pale Ale.


The banjo playing turtle on the label would fit right in with the band Old Crow Medicine Show. The song Wagon Wheel is always at the top of my yard work playlist. Yes, Wagon Wheel by O.C.M.S., not the Hootie guy. The mixture of Bluegrass and Rock, sprinkled with a little Country, makes sure my ears don’t get too jealous of my mouth. So whether you’re enjoying the lake on a pontoon boat, cutting grass, or just soaking up the summer sun, this duo of music and beer is for you. 

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