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Music & Beer: Left Hand Twin Sisters

Posted: 03/25/2013 By: Nick Bailey

Left Hand Twin Sisters


Twin Sisters. No, not a fantasy of mine (Editor's Note: He's a liar), but rather a beverage from those right brained guys at Left Hand Brewing. With spring here and summer approaching, what a great time for an IPA. Better yet, let’s make that a double IPA. I want to say, IPAs are not my style of choice, not at all. The majority of the beers that I drink are stouts and porters. However, the more IPAs I drink, the more I like. Of course, as the temperature outdoors get warmer, you need something a little more refreshing. IPAs fit that bill. Think about like this, you’re outside grilling, playing some corn hole, listening to “Doin’ Time” by Sublime, an IPA just makes sense.

As I popped the top I smelled a wonderful clean, citrus aroma. A slightly hazy, golden amber beer with a nice white head flowed out of the bomber into my pint glass. This beer just begs to be consumed, so I did what any good person would do, I drank it. I was a little surprised by initial the flavor. Double IPAs are usually a little too hoppy for my liking, but this one was different. This brew has a nice round flavor due in part to the fact that it has double the malts as well as the extra hops. To me, it has an almost creamy, yet very clean mouth feel. The carbonation of this beer is perfect. Not super high, but at 9.6% abv, this beer can easily sneak up on you. In the end, I had to convince myself to give this one a try, and I’m glad I did. I really like this beer, a solid 8 of 10. If you’re leery of IPAs, do as I did, and try it.

Stouts will always be my favorites, but IPAs will definitely start giving them a run for their money. My beer making decisions have just got a lot harder. I’m going to do something easy now, like finish this bomber. So until next time, turn your lights down low, turn your music up loud, and open up a new beer.


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