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Music & Beer: Clown Shoes Porcine Unidragon

Posted: 05/09/2013 By: Nick Bailey

Clown Shoes Porcine Unidragon


Do me a favor, turn the music up really loud for this one. A beer as strong and dark as Clown Shoes’ Porcine Unidragon, a bourbon barrel aged American Imperial stout, is going to need some serious music to accompany it. Not just any music will do, it has to be something hard. With a name like that, it needs to be something from another country, something metal. Well, Sweden has an awesome band named Soilwork, who has just released a new album titled The Living Infinite. Yeah, that will do nicely.

Ok, let’s open this beer up! The first thing I notice is how dark this beer is. Of course, all American Imperial stouts are dark, but this one is as black as a moonless night. The only color I see is the tan head that floats beautifully on top of the thick liquid. The aroma of the brew is as gnarly as the color. The sweet smokiness of the bourbon shines through. I still get the coffee and chocolate scent normally found in an imperial stout, but it takes a back seat to the sweetness. Again, like most stouts, the taste is parallel to the scent. Black licorice, sweet bourbon, and the smoked flavor of the barrels are what I get. No characteristic overwhelms the other, just a great balance of flavors. With an abv of over 12%, this beer is remarkably smooth. Thick, it sticks to the corners of your mouth, but that’s a good thing. I purchased my beer in bomber form and that carbonation was great. I’m not a huge fan of bourbon barreled beers, but this one is lights out, easily a 8.5 out of 10. Great news for the vegans out there, it’s safe for you!


Just like the awesome artwork on the bottle, you need some epic tunes to vibe to. Rise Above the Sentiment is a good song to start with. Like Clown Shoes, Soilwork has done a fantastic job at their craft. The melodic metal goes hand in hand with this monster of a beer. So until next time; dim your lights down low, turn your music up loud, and open up a new beer!

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