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Music & Beer: Bear-rel Aged Porter Old Black Bear

Posted: 04/03/2013 By: Nick Bailey

Bear-rel Aged Porter


Dim lights, loud music, and a new beer; that is how my Saturday went down. It was an evening full of good music and great friends, what’s better than that? Iron City played host to The Peytones, a band comprised of some of Alabama’s finest musicians. They delighted us to their interpretation of Becks new album Song Reader, an album released only in sheet music form. Not only was the venue beautiful and the music great, the bar was damn nice too. The bald guy behind the bar, I think his name was Scott,  served me a pretty decent variety of craft beer. One that stood out above the rest, was a whiskey porter from Old Black Bear, a brewery out of Huntsville, called Bear-rel Aged Porter.

From the start, I liked what I saw. A dark brown, cola colored beer with a nice khaki head sat in front of me. As the head started to dissipate it left a nice lacing on my pint glass. The scent was equally appealing, a nice roasted aroma with hints of whiskey. The taste was not disappointing either. It was definitely a porter with the roasted malts shining through, but there was more to it than just that. With the perfect amount of whiskey, not too bold and not too faint, this brew is awesome. Along with hints of vanilla and the slight presence of hops, the flavor is well rounded. You may think that there would have been an alcohol burn with the whiskey, yet I found none. The 7% abv beer was very clean and well carbonated. I’d easily give this one a 7.5 out of 10, a really solid beer. Vegans, I don’t know if this one meets your standards, but I personally know a vegan who loves it.

This brew is another great offering from an Alabama brewer. Now if we can just get every bar and restaurant to carry a bigger selection of native beers, we’d all be happy. Remember guys, cut your lights down low, turn your music up loud, and open up a new beer.


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