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Music & Beer: Avery Hog Heaven

Posted: 02/11/2013 By: Nick Bailey


  “I like beer because it's good.
  I drink beer because I should.
  If there was a song to sing
  I’d sing it and beer you bring.”

  These are wise words from the band Psychostick, words that I definitely live by. This week we’re       drinking a unique Barleywine from Avery brewing called Hog Heaven. These beers are often aged   like wines and have a high alcohol content, hence the name. This style of beer is another one of my favorites. It is available in bottles or on draft; I purchased a growler from Hop City. For my vegan friends out there, this one is safe for you.


The appearance of this brew is a beautiful, transparent scarlet color with a light tan head. I was caught off guard by the sent of hops that this one has. It smelled almost like an IPA. As for the taste, it’s not a whole lot different than the smell. Besides the hops, you get a nice, yet not overwhelming, caramel-burnt sugar note. I wouldn’t have guessed the 9.2% abv if I hadn’t read it. The bitterness lingers, but otherwise this beer has a clean mouth feel.  If you’re an IPA lover, and would like to get into barleywines, this would be a perfect stepping stone. I’d give this one a 7.5 out of 10, higher if it were a more traditional barleywine.

“I drink beer when I am sad
'Cause the beer it makes me glad.
Now there's nothing left to sing
so let’s go drink beer.”

That’s it for now and remember, cut your lights down low, turn your music up loud and open up a new beer!                      

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